The procedural basis to determine the annual efficiency with respect to a short term measurement utilizing the System-EKG is the German version of the European Norm 15378 'Heating Systems in Buildings - Inspektion of Boilers and Heating Systems'. Particularly in diagnostic procedure described in the DIN EN 15378 there are firm requirements as to the examination time frame, information density and outcome quality to the evaluation of the quality of the energy efficiency within a heating and hot water system within the frame of a short term measurement.

With regards to the diagnostic time frame and the information density the Norm specifies a "measurement supported high resolution survey of the behavior of the heating system, without manipulating said system, within a Building's typical temperature cycle lasting at least 24 hours." The specific paramaters that are energetically relevant to determine the energy efficiency of heat generation are according to the European Norm 15378 are the presence or lack of the upper heating effect, losses caused by radiant heat, exhaust temperatures, ventilation and boiler pulsing, as well as the losses caused by by deficiences in the system configuration, the hydraulics and the controls.

With the short-term measurement with a basis of the measurement data supported mobile data collection and evaluation system "ratioservice System EKG" the procedure outlined in the European Norm 15378 was realized in a norm conformed method.